SOLEIL is a company founded by Gelila (gUh-LEE-laH) Reta during her Senior year in 2020 at Virginia Tech. Gelila suffered from dry/brittle hair that led to hair loss because of the friction caused by cotton hair wraps. This pain point led her to create the satin-lined SOLEIL Scarf which was a hit! The success of the scarves led to an expansion of products to cater to both hair and skin wellness needs. She then decided to center a brand around proving clothing that is scientifically proven to be healthy for your skin and hair. Gelila is also a huge advocate for independence and personal freedom which is why she coined the tagline (live like the sun) to encourage others to strive for self-sufficiency. Now the SOLEIL Team works to uphold that mission by continuing to grow and serve our customers. 


SOLEIL™, which means "Sun" in French, is a brand centered around empowering everyone to be leaders in their communities and look good doing it. 10% of all our proceeds go to feeding the hungry through charities all around the globe, so you can feel good about your purchase. We are committed  to creating products that truly inspire you to (live like the sun)™ while protecting and nurturing your "self" with satin, silk, and other premium fabrics. 


As a brand, our mission is to normalize Wearable Self Care™ and in the process revolutionizing the way we think about clothes. We do this for all people by providing products that are scientifically proven to improve physical and hopefully mental health. Helping you protect and nurture yourself is our passion because after all, your body is the capsule for your soul. We also find it essential to empower every human being to be leaders in their communities through creativity, kindness, and passion which is why we invest heavily into giving back. We hope wearing our products remind you of our mission. Now, let's go ahead and change the world together. 


Our team is very friendly and will get back to you within 24 hours. We love to hear from our customers! Your questions and comments are important to us. Send us an email at Also, give us a follow on Instagram @soleilclo.